How to Support ICPADS with Amazon Smile

Prime Day is coming up on July 12-13, 2022, Amazon’s big celebration for its Prime members. Did you know that you can shop the deals AND support Interfaith Community PADS at the same time? You can do it by making your purchases through Amazon Smile, and in this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

What Is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is a special Amazon program for charities where a portion of your order will go to the nonprofit of your choice. The Amazon Smile site is available at on your web browser, and can also be accessed through the Amazon app. It’s the same Amazon that you know and love! Only with the added ability to donate 0.5% of your order to your selected nonprofit.

Amazon Smile can be used for ALL of your Amazon purchases, not just the things you buy on Prime Day. The instructions below will get you set up so you can support ICPADS every time you shop on Amazon.

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. (Proverbs 18:16)

How to Support ICPADS with Amazon Smile

These instructions will walk you through setting up your Amazon Smile profile to support Interfaith Community PADS.

1. Visit If you haven’t set up your account yet, you’ll want to hit the Get Started button.

2. If you are not logged into your existing Amazon account, you will be prompted to sign in.

3. In the search box, type Interfaith Community PADS.

4. Find us on the list and hit the Select button.

5. Start shopping!

Amazon then reminds you that for your donation to count, you MUST start at Amazon Smile ( instead of the regular Amazon URL. This is important! So click that you acknowledge it, then hit the Start Shopping button.

After that, it’s business as usual! The Amazon Smile website is exactly like the Amazon website, so use the search bar and navigation features to find items, add them to your cart, and make your purchase.

6. Check that your donation will go through.

Remember that every time you shop, you’ll have to go to Amazon Smile ( You can confirm you are on the correct site – and that your donation will be made to Interfaith Community PADS, by looking in the top left corner.

Using the Amazon App?

If you’re using the Amazon App, check out the instructions on this Amazon page for linking your account to Amazon Smile.

Supporting ICPADS Beyond Prime Day

Prime Day is a special celebration for Amazon Prime members only. If you’re not a member but want to get in on the deals, you can consider signing up for a free 30-day membership. 

However, whether you are a Prime member or not, you can use the Amazon Smile website to donate to Interfaith Community PADS all year long! So follow the instructions above to get set up, and thank you for supporting our work through the Amazon Smile program!

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