Celebrating 1 Year of the ICPADS Blog!

One year ago, something big happened. Not only did we reveal our new, beautifully designed website, but we also decided to take a step into the world of blogging. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were eager to give it a try. One year later, and we are happy to report that the project has been a wild success!

We have been able to keep our blogging schedule of two posts per month for the entire year. And we have LOVED the experience of sharing information and news with you through our own blog! In honor of our one-year celebration, we’re going to recap some of our favorite blog posts that we worked on in the past year. If you haven’t done so yet, check out the articles below!

The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad. (Psalm 126:3)

10 Resources for the Homeless in Our Community

In this article, we spotlight some of the main organizations that Interfaith Community PADS partners with as we help homeless guests at our shelter. We are so happy to have a strong network and a supportive community around us! Check out the blog to learn more about each of these resources for the homeless.

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet 12 Amazing ICPADS Volunteers!

In the spring, we conducted a survey of our volunteers which we eventually used to create two blog posts. In this one, we featured some of our volunteers, including how they help us, why they volunteer, and what they find most rewarding about the experience. In the second installment, we discussed their answers to the question, “Why do you think others should consider volunteering at ICPADs?”

Phase 2 Remodel of Our Homeless Shelter: Your Support Needed!

We also used our blog posts to tell you about projects happening at our shelter. In this one, we explained the matching grant being offered to us by the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte and asked for your help. We followed up a couple weeks later to answer your question of “What is a matching grant?”

Fighting Back Against the Stigmas of Homelessness

In addition to articles about our work, we also wrote blog posts to share information (and dispel myths) about homelessness. This article includes common stigmas of homelessness, the harm of these stigmas, and how you can fight back and get involved.

Coordinated Access: The Chance to Start Again

Most people are familiar with our work providing meals and shelter. What they may not understand is that we are also involved in helping our guests find permanent solutions so they can rebuild their lives. This is an organized process called coordinated access. This blog post includes an interview with our Director, Harrison Holtkamp, who explains what coordinated access is, how it works, who’s involved, and why you should care.

We’re Grateful for YOU: Heartwarming Stories of Community Support at ICPADS in 2022

We also love using our blog to thank people, groups, and organizations that help us carry out our mission. In this blog post, we spotlight 8 different groups that make our work possible! The post includes many links to our Facebook page so you can see the photos and read the stories.

Here’s to Many More!

We are excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the ICPADS blog, and we look forward to many more to come! Thank you to all of you who have supported us along the way, including reading our articles and sharing our posts on Facebook. To stay informed about new blog posts (and other news), make sure to follow us on Facebook!

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