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Our Work

Our work

Meeting Guest Needs

No person’s story is the same. Therefore, our staff and volunteers work hard to be a stabilizing force for each of our unique guests.

Womens Shelter

While in the same building as the men’s shelter, the women’s shelter, which also provides shelter for children, has its own access point. Doors remain locked and only staff and scheduled volunteers may enter.

The women’s shelter is a climate-controlled space with amenities needed to feel safe and secure.

Mens Shelter

Our men either use the stairs or ramp in order to enter their own shelter space. The shelter entrance is secure with a lock and only those permitted may enter. Like the women’s shelter, the men’s shelter is digitally monitored.

Shelter guests are greeted every evening by staff and volunteers who care about them.


ICPADS works with partnering agencies in order to minimize the amount of time our guests experience emergency homelessness. In order to do that, an atmosphere of trust and support are needed to move the needle.

Since each guest is different, we use a variety of resources and connections to help them achieve housing stability.

Our Shelter System

Helping the Homeless in Our Community

Interfaith Community PADS shelter program is located at 1001 West 8th Street behind Lighthouse Outlet Mall. It is the former Sacred Heart Catholic Church building which has been the center of community help since its construction.

Since 2001, we have sheltered our homeless in the basements of local churches, and we continue to be thankful for the years of commitment and hospitality demonstrated by each establishment. In 2020, with the help from the community and local businesses, our goal of securing a place of our own became a reality when we moved to Sacred Heart Church. We now have one location for our men’s and women’s shelter making it easier to find us and to operate.

A Look at Our Shelter

The shelter system is located at the Sacred Heart Church.
Our PArtners
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