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Our story starts way back in 2002, when two kind ladies decided it was time to help...

Who We Are

PADS is an acronym for Public Action Delivering Shelter. We modeled our program after other PADS programs across the country.

Interfaith Community PADS (ICPADS) is a faith-based nonprofit organization delivering temporary emergency shelter for the homeless men and women (including women with children) in our community, providing not just shelter but food and other resources. We strive to show God’s love through compassion, understanding and dignity.


Interfaith Community PADS was initially named Interfaith Community Men’s Shelter, founded in 2002 by two women who were concerned about the homeless men during the cold winter months. They organized churches within the community to share in the responsibility of caring for these men who had no place to go or food to eat.

It started off small but the numbers grew over the years from two men per night to almost 40 men.

Over the years, Interfaith Community PADS was housed in numerous churches and saw over a hundred volunteers per season assist in meeting the needs of the homeless community. Compassionate people like Ed Marrion, former director of the men’s shelter, and Harrison Holtkamp, current executive director of Interfaith Community PADS, are leading the charge and growing the organization into what it is today.

Under Harrison Holtkamp’s leadership, ICPADS is now a 501(c)(3) organization, which makes us an official charity and allows us to acquire grants and receive monetary and goods donations. Also under Harrison’s direction we have now established a homeless women’s program, which was desperately needed.

In 2020, Interfaith Community PADS, with the tremendous help of grants, community organizations, and individuals, was able to rehabilitate Sacred Heart Catholic Church and opened it’s doors as a permanent site for La Porte County’s homeless community.

We consider ourselves the first step in a process of recovery. We work with other organizations to meet the homeless population’s needs. Homelessness isn’t curable but we can shorten the duration one spends in a state of homelessness through strong partnerships and hard work.

Come join us

Great Work Requires Great People

We can’t do it alone and without an amazing staff of volunteers there’s no way we can meet the needs in our community.

Our Board Members

A diverse group of individuals who have a heart for the homeless. Lawyers, religious leaders, laypersons, business owners, administrators, and directors have joined together to lead this organization in providing a valuable service to the community.

Harrison Holtkamp

Executive Director

Emily Wykoff

Board President

Jesse Baldwin

Board Vice President

Jaime Llorens

Board Secretary

Ryan Ebbesen

Board Treasurer

Brian Thomas

Board Member

Kristen Noonan

Board Member

Ed Merrion

Board Member

Deb Langley

Board Member

Our PArtners
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