Interfaith Community PADS


Without volunteers, we can accomplish nothing. We are always on the look out for people who care about what’s happening in their community. People who want to give of their time not just their resources. People like you!

Food Volunteers are needed every night. They provide the warm meal that refuels the homeless so they can get through the next day. Meals are served from 7 pm to 8 pm nightly. The evening meal is a warm meal with most of the items being served hot. Some items like chips, salads and desserts are accepted as well.

The typical breakfast is served cold. Items like cereal, donuts and/or breakfast bars are the usual offerings. Fresh fruit like oranges, apples and bananas are a welcome sight for hungry eyes.

Shift Volunteers give of their time. Some stay just to serve, others monitor sites to make sure everyone stays safe. Some shifts require late night hours to early morning. Volunteer duties may include opening and getting the site set up, kitchen prep and clean up, checking in guests and providing security to name a few. It’s not glamorous or high volume, but you will get the satisfaction that you are helping those who need it most.






February 18, 2019