Interfaith Community PADS

How it Works

Sites are used on a rotational schedule. Each night usually means a different church location with some locations used more than once.


Individual sites are all furnished with sleeping mats, heavy blankets and pillows. The local hospital, Franciscan Health, also provides fitted sheets and light blankets which are returned after, laundered and redistributed.


Sites open at their designated time; scheduled volunteers arrive and the sites are populated by guests. As guest enter, they are checked for anything that can harm another person and if found, confiscated, tagged and returned when the guest leave. We also check blood alcohol levels to identify intoxicated guests.


Food volunteers drop off or prep the evening meal and serve the guest a nice hot dinner. Guest set up their sleeping space with their mat, pillow and blanket usually spending time preparing for sleep.


Morning arrives and guest begin the process of returning sleeping equipment to their proper location, clean the site, have a lite breakfast before leaving the shelter. Guest gather their belongings each day and take them to the next location.


Most guest make their way to Keys to Hope where they can shower, launder clothing, receive case management and use other resources provided to help them get back on their feet.